Tech Service

We are searching for technically qualified applicants with strong interpersonal qualities for the technical support role. Among other things, technical support officers solve technical difficulties, give prompt client feedback, and assist with the roll-out of new applications.


Furthermore, technical support officers must communicate directly with consumers and generate written documentation, necessitating exceptional written and vocal communication skills.

⦁ Technical Support Responsibilities:
⦁ Discovering hardware and software solutions
⦁ Troubleshooting technological problems
⦁ Identifying and correcting flaws.
⦁ Troubleshooting network difficulties
⦁ Hardware and software deployment and configuration
⦁ Speaking with consumers to rapidly determine the source of their situation.
⦁ Giving customers fast and accurate feedback.
⦁ Customers are led through a series of procedures to resolve an issue.
⦁ Following up with clients to confirm the problem has been rectified.
⦁ Replacing or repairing the required components.
⦁ Assisting in the deployment of new apps.
⦁ Support is provided in the form of procedural documentation.
⦁ Managing several cases at once.
⦁ New technologies are being tested and evaluated.
⦁ Checking the electrical safety of devices.

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